As a new blogger, there is so much to learn. Much of it comes from the experience of actually doing posts, and visiting other blogs. But there are so many things that many new bloggers are completely unaware of, things that will make your life in Blogland so much easier and more enjoyable. And many things that are just plain cool!
I have written this book to help new  bloggers navigate their way around a Blogger blog. There is even a lot of great info in here if you have been blogging for a while!  Here are a few things you will learn in this book...
  • How to set up a blog
  • How to Navigate the post editor
  • How to Navigate Bloggers new interface and what all the settings do.
  •  How to edit Bloggers new templates to make them look clean and professional.
  • How to configure your comment settings
  • How to center the Date and Title above your posts
  • Plus many, many more tricks and tips to make your blogging experience so much easier!
 More than 80 pages of great information with screen shots throughout to make it easy to follow along.
This book will be delivered via PDF download within 12 hours of purchase. (Usually much faster)

(Due to new EU VAT regulations concerning downloadable pdf's and e books I can no longer sell to anyone in Europe. :(  If you live in a European country, please do not purchase this e-book. 
I am so sorry.)